LPBW: Amy Roloff ACCIDENTALLY Reveals If TLC Canceled Little People Big World Or Not!

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A lot is happening in the lives of the Roloff family. All the kids of Amy and Matt are now living their best lives. Meanwhile, Amy is having a lovely time with her husband, Chris Marek. Matt is the only one left at the Roloff farms with his fiance Caryn Chandler. The Little People Big World patriarch has a feud with his twin sons, Zach and Jeremy. Now only Jacob is there for him and looks after the Roloff Farms. The last Season of LPBW ended almost a year ago. Now fans are eagerly looking forward to its return. Well, it appears as if the matriarch of the family, Amy, accidentally revealed she’s filming for the new season. When will it hit the TV screens?

Little People Big World LPBW

LPBW: Amy Roloff Shares A Glimpse Of Filming The New Season By Mistake!

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Amy Roloff returned to the Roloff farms. Well, we can say that she was at the family farm momentarily. She recently organized a fundraising event at the property. The Little People Big World celeb posted a carousel of pictures on Instagram. It captured the gala time she had with Matt, Chris, and Caryn at the event. It featured a great lunch, and she captured the moment for LPBW fans to see. She thanked her crew in the caption, who supported the DAAA fundraiser. However, TV Season & Spoilers reports that something exciting was happening in the background.

After a successful fundraising event, Amy posted a ton of pictures for her 1.5 million Instagram followers, and she appeared happier than ever. But the LPBW celeb accidentally revealed a crew member in the background of the fifth picture. She shared a picture of some guests having lunch together. Meanwhile, some crew were in the background, capturing them. Two people were standing behind them with a camera and a boom mic. So, it is clear that they are filming for the new season. But only time will tell when TLC will premiere it. This confirms that the network has, in fact, not canceled Little People Big World, which fans had been speculating about for long.

LPBW: Amy & Matt Hinted Fans About Filming Of Season 25 Before!

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Little People Big World has been a part of TLC for years. Fans of the show have been watching Matt and Amy’s life for a long time. Now their kids have grown up and are living their lives away from the Oregon farm. Now fans are waiting if there will be another season. It is not the first time Matt and Amy hinted about the return of the show. Previously, Matt also hinted about the filming of the new season

through his Instagram post. He shared a picture of snowfall at the LPBW property.


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A post shared by Matt Roloff (@mattroloff)

However, fans spotted a camera in the background. Later, fans found another hint of the filming of Season 25 in Amy’s live video. Fans spotted yet another crew member in the background and heard them too. However, LPBW makers have not yet announced a renewal for the same yet. Stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more updates on the latest season of the TLC show.


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