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New Update: Did Kody Brown Attend Gwendlyn’s Big Day?

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Did Kody Brown attend his daughter, Gwendlyn Brown’s big day on Saturday, July 15th? The Sister Wives patriarch has a strained relationship with several of his children. This has become even more evident in the preview for Season 18. However, he has always attended their weddings but what about Gwen’s nuptials to Beatriz Queiroz? Was he in attendance? Read on for more details.

Sister Wives' Gwendlyn Brown shades dad Kody on wedding day as fans are  convinced he didn't attend daughter's wedding | The US Sun

Sister Wives Did Kody Brown Attend Gwendlyn’s Big Day?

Over the weekend, Gwendlyn Brown tied the knot in front of family and friends. She and her fiancee, Beatriz had been planning this day for some time. Several months back, they had an engagement party but her dad, Kody Brown’s fourth and only wife, Robyn Brown was a no-show. Gwen shared that she did invite Robyn and her children but they opted to sit that one out. Additionally, Gwen revealed that she had invited her father, Robyn, and their five children to her wedding. Yet, she doubted that they were going to attend. In some small way, she seemed to understand.

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Gwendlyn Brown Beatriz Queiroz Instagram Sister Wives TLC
Gwen, Beatriz-Instagram

In the last year, Gwendlyn has started both a Patreon and a YouTube channel. There, she spills family tea and reacts to Season 17 episodes of Sister Wives. More so, she had not held back on her feelings about Robyn and Kody Brown. She has said that they were not good with money and more. It looked like Robyn had enough of Gwen but this was a very big and special day for the twenty-one-year-old. Of course, Gwen’s mother is Kody’s former third wife, Christine Brown who is now engaged so that added insult to injury.

The Brown Family-Sister Wives-Instagram
The Brown Family-Sister Wives-Instagram

Gwendlyn Brown reposted a family photo that her brother, Logan’s wife, Michelle Petty took, to her Instagram. Everyone was beaming and smiling but it was evident that Kody Brown was a no-show. There were also some other missing family members but it appears that Kody, Robyn, and their five children decided to miss out on this momentous occasion. Fortunately, Gwen and Beatriz were surrounded by so much love and it will be Kody who is sad in the long run.

Filling In

When Gwendlyn Brown initially addressed that Kody Brown may not show up for her wedding, she was asked who would walk her down the aisle. She really did not think about it but she said she would have Logan Brown since he was always there for her. It is unclear if he was the stand-in. Moreover, it is unknown if this wedding was filmed for Sister Wives. Of course, fans want all of the details possible so hopefully, Gwen will spill all of the wedding tea sooner rather than later.

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Are you shocked that Kody Brown actually sat this one out? Do you think that he should have shown up? Let us know and watch the new season of Sister Wives August 20th on TLC.

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