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New Update: Savanah Brown Misses Gwendlyn’s Wedding!

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Savanah Brown, Kody and Janelle’s daughter, was missing from Gwendlyn’s wedding this weekend and fans of TLC’s Sister Wives are wondering why. As fans know, Janelle Brown was in attendance at the wedding and so were many of her other children. So, Savanah’s absence was a bit of a head-scratcher. Is it possible she was with her father and that’s why he also didn’t appear to be at the wedding? Or, was something else going on?

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Savanah Brown misses Gwendlyn’s wedding, Janelle explains

Sister Wives fans have spent so much time looking for Kody and Robyn Brown in Gwendlyn’s wedding photos, that most overlooked the fact that Savanah was also missing from the photos.

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Turns out, Savanah did not attend Gwendlyn’s wedding. It was actually Janelle Brown who took to her own Instagram profile to share tons of photos from the wedding. Along with these photos, she explained why Savanah was not in any of the photos. She wasn’t there.

Fortunately, fans can rest easy knowing there does not appear to be any beef or drama between Savanah and Gwendlyn. In fact, the reason Savanah was not at the wedding was pretty simple.

Savanah Brown and Janelle Brown via Insta

According to Janelle, Savanah Brown was currently spending the summer with Maddie and Caleb. Sadly, Maddie and Caleb Brush’s schedules prevented them from being able to travel to be at Gwendlyn’s wedding. Because Savanah is with them, she also wasn’t able to attend the wedding.

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Sister Wives fans appreciated Janelle taking the time to clear up why they were missing from the photos. And, they were happy to know there wasn’t so dramatic reason why Savanah was missing from the photos.


When Did Fans Last See Savanah?

Unfortunately, it has been about seven weeks since the last time Savanah posted on her own Instagram profile. Her post was her graduation photos. The photos actually landed her in the headlines because fans were more than a little surprised to spot Kody in the photos.

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It has also been about five weeks since Janelle Brown posted Savanah on her Instagram profile. Her last post was about her and Savanah taking a road trip to Maddie’s house where she presumably dropped Savanah off for the summer. Here is what Janelle posted five weeks ago:


Despite spending the summer with Maddie, Savanah has not surfaced on her sister’s Instagram profile. This, however, isn’t too much of a surprise as Maddie’s profile is mostly used for the promotion of Plexus these days with the occasional update on her children.

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Do you think Savanah Brown was bummed that she had to miss Gwendlyn’s wedding because she spent the summer with Caleb and Maddie Brush? Did you notice Caleb, Maddie, and Savanah were missing from the photos?

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