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Gwendlyn Brown: My Dad and Robyn Were Late to My Wedding, And Didn’t Talk to Anyone!

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The mystery is over.

But the controversy carries on.

Earlier this month, Gwendlyn Brown got married to Beatriz Queiroz in Flagstaff, Arizona.

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It was a blessed event, but it was also marred by the belief that Kody Brown snubbed his daughter because he wasn’t included in any family photos.

Gwendlyn Brown does not like Robyn Brown. She’s made this very clear. (Instagram/TLC)

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As it turns out, however, Kody did attend the reception… although he didn’t celebrate Gwendlyn and/or her union in any way via social media.

Now, in a new YouTube video, the 21-year old has delved a bit more into just what transpired on her wedding day between herself, her father, his spouse Robyn and the other guests on hand.

“My dad and Robyn were just kind of there. They showed up like two hours late and just kind of hung out,” Gwendlyn told subscribers over the weekend.

She added that this late arrival was the reason why they missed family photos, while no one at the party really talked to the pair.

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Except for one attendee.

“Mykelti was obviously super-hyped to see them because she, like, hangs out with them,” Gwendlyn explained.

“And they ended up babysitting her babies, which is super convienent…so we just kind of had free babysitters.”

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The newlywed went on to confirm that she invited Kody and Robyn, but also that plenty of other guests were unhappy to see them.

“Some people were mad that he was there, because they weren’t aware that I was like, ‘Yeah you can come,’” Gwen on video.

“So a few people were like, ‘How dare you show up?’ But other than that, it was fine. [Those people] didn’t say it to his face.

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“Nobody says bad things to people’s faces. They just gossip about it behind their backs.”

Gwendlyn, of course, has said many rather harsh things right up front about Kody for many months now… often using this same YouTube channel to blast him as a parent.

Gwendlyn has also made her negative feelings about Robyn extremely well known, but handled her presence at the wedding with reason and maturity.

“It was chill. I gave her a hug and everyone was like, ‘Gwendlyn, that was so shocking!’ and I was like, ‘I’m gonna give my guests a hug,’” she said via YouTube.

“I felt like I should extend an olive branch, especially since I haven’t been being the nicest to her on-camera.

” I was like, ‘I’m just going to give her a little cozy hug.’”

Gwen also said she didn’t actually take a photo with her dad on her wedding day, which is really very depressing if you stop and think about it.

“I don’t think there was a moment for my dad to take a picture with me,” she said. “That’s kind of funny, though. I should have made it happen.”

As previously reported, Sister Wives Season 18 will kick off on Sunday, August 20 at 10/9c.

Gotta imagine we’ll learn even more about Kody’s relationship with his daughter when the show returns.


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