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New Update: TLC Releases Video Changing ‘Villain’ Narrative Of Kody Brown?

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Sister Wives star Kody Brown used to be a happy-go-lucky husband. He often made jokes and made his wives laugh. But when they moved to Flagstaff, things changed quickly. The 54-year-old father hardly smiled for the cameras. The latest preview for Season 18 also teased what could be one of his worst moments. But it looks like TLC wants his fans to remember what a good guy he was. Recently, the network put out a clip from the past that showed how hard he worked for his wives.

Sister Wives Kody YouTube

Sister Wives: The Wives Have Noticed Kody Brown’s Changes

Aside from the fans, some of the ex-wives have also noticed Kody’s changes in recent years. In the Season 18 sneak peek, Janelle said that he’s no longer the “happy-go-lucky” husband she used to know. During the clip, the Brown family patriarch looks upset and angry. Meri also told Robyn how she feels and let her know that she understands their husband no longer wants her. Due to this, fans can expect a lot of ups and downs in the upcoming season.

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Kody Brown YouTube
Photo Credit: TLC YouTube

TLC Releases Kody & Wives’ Valentine’s Day Episode

TLC recently uploaded a 9-minute YouTube clip about an old episode featuring the former polygamy family’s Valentine’s Day. In the video, Kody showed his efforts to buy his wives flowers. He chose roses with care for each of the wives. Also, the fact that he knows which flowers they like best shows how much he cares about them.

Sister Wives Kody Meri Janelle Christine Robyn YouTube
Photo Credit: TLC YouTube

Meri, Christine, Robyn, and Janelle got together right after to plan their Valentine’s Day party. They thought of a gift that would surprise their husband. The family’s work shocked the man with 18 kids. Things were so positive that day, and the family ended up partying indoors. Some fans in the comments section talked about how things were very different back then.

  • “This is kinda sad to watch cus you can see there was genuine love between them all at one point,” one person said.
  • “And this is when all of them were a big happy family till everything went down the toilet,” another commenter added.

The latest trailer for Season 18 showed a frustrated version of Kody. Since Christine left, things have been getting worse and worse for him. He even told the cameras that he might just be the devil he believes himself to be. He even got into a fight with Janelle, and both of them cursed at each other. But despite the sad teaser, he has been doing his best behind the scenes to stay in touch with his kids. He’s been spotted at big events like Gwendlyn’s wedding and Savanah’s graduation.

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Season 18 premieres Sunday, August 20, 2023, on TLC.

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