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New Update: Christine Goes All Out as Bride-to-Be (PICS)

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Sister Wives celeb Christine Brown is about to walk down the aisle and become a legal wife for the first time, so this TLC star not leaving anything out. It looks like she’s doing all the traditional stuff that brides do before the wedding. That includes the professional engagement photos she shared online this week.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Out of the Basement

Christine Brown referred to herself as “the basement wife” a few times on the show. Back when she became the third wife in the Sister Wives clan, Kody Brown and his three wives lived in the same house.

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While they all had their own apartments, there wasn’t enough room for three above-ground units. So, Christine and her little growing family occupied an apartment in the basement.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Christine Brown

Christine came a long way since those days. Today she is not only out of the basement but the queen of her own estate. But the biggest change, of course, is that she no longer has the want or need to share a husband.

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This Sister Wives mom of six is about to marry David Woolley and so many of her old Sister Wives ways have fallen to the wayside. Like having her husband in her bed only once every four nights. Not the way she’s going to live in a monogamous marriage.

Christine and David Woolley Pose for Engagement Pictures

While Christine was married to Kody in a spiritual ceremony, when she marries David, she’ll legally be his wife. Christine once said on the Sister Wives show how she could never call Kody her husband while out in public. This was before they became a well-known reality show family.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - David Woolley

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So, it’s understandable that she wants all the frills and thrills available to a pending bride. That includes professionally done engagement photos as seen above. She shared these with her fans this week, and she got ohs and awes from around the nation.

Christine Brown commented that she thinks they look good together. The fans agreed with this Sister Wives bride-to-be. They not only think they make a great-looking couple, but several commented that they look so much in love.

Sister Wives: Here Comes the Bride

The hashtags on the post where she shared her engagement photos tell a short story. She wrote “#truelove #finallyfoundsomeone #engaged #photoshoot. She finally found someone, she wrote. But she only separated from Kody for a short time before announcing her engagement.

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So, it sounds like this is something Christine dreamed about for a lot longer than when she first left Kody. But today she looks happy and from what she reports, she’s got a real keeper in David Woolley. He treats her like a queen and Christine’s Sister Wives fans are thrilled to see this.

After living a lifestyle that brought her much heartache, fans say Christine Brown deserves this happiness. This comes from her fans, who also sent her good wishes in their comments.

It sounds like the viewers will see some of Christine Brown’s joy when Sister Wives returns on Sunday, August 20, with Season 18. The show airs at 10 pm on TLC.

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