New! Big Shocking 😭News! Audrey Roloff Drops Very Shocking News! Dealing With Death In The Family!

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Audrey Roloff quit Little People Big World with her husband, Jeremy, long ago. Despite this, they are quite prominent among the LPBW audience. That’s because they keep track of the couple by checking their social media handles.

Little People Big World LPBW

Most of the time, the famous couple is often facing the head for their parental and lifestyle choices, but Audrey’s latest social media post was different. In it, she talked about a rather “unfortunate loss” in her family. Apparently, someone lost their life. So, who is it?

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LPBW: Audrey Roloff Overwhelmed, Dealing With A Loss In The Family

Former LPBW castmate Audrey Roloff is still prominent. She and her husband, Jeremy, keep everyone in the loop about their new ventures and everyday life. Apart from landing a huge brand deal, things haven’t been so good for the young mom. Audrey decided to make a post about it on her Instagram handle.

She mentioned dealing with a loss in the family. Auj explained how her family lost their dog “unexpectedly.” While LPBW fans know Audrey and Jeremy and their kids own cats, they didn’t know about having a pet dog. Most likely, she was referring to her own family that lives nearby to her.

Little People Big World LPBW

Moreover, Audrey hinted at “other hard stuff” going on in her house, which made the family put a “halt” to their construction work. Fans must know how their mansion is a “fixer-upper” one and requires lots of work. Apart from this, the former LPBW star also shared pictures of her kids, Ember, Radley, and Bode.

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All three of them were sitting in a vehicle, harvesting apples and smiling at the camera sweetly. So, Audrey mentioned how looking at her kids in such moments of distress provides her relief. While LPBW fans blast the star for most of her posts, they were moved by this one and praised her, too.

LPBW: Too Much On Audrey & Jeremy’s Plate! Feeling Overwhelmed

Audrey and Jeremy have never shied away from telling their followers about what’s up with their family, be it the good or the bad moments. A while ago, the LPBW couple had landed a deal with Mazda and collaborated with the brand when they were on vacation. But that’s not all.

The pair made another exciting announcement. Jeremy and Audrey intend to bring back their podcast. Hence, they have also promoted the same with photoshoots and what all fans can expect. Moreover, the fall season has arrived, so the couple must also be busy on their farm for the same.

Because of all these reasons, many LPBW fans feel Audrey must be feeling overwhelmed. In many of her posts, the star has talked about pushing through and hustling hard. However, a user mentioned how losing a pet is one of the “worst pains” in the world. So, they could imagine how tough things must be for Audrey.

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Hence, a lot of followers united in the comments section to give prayers and blessings to the family.

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