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Meri Brown: In Love With a Married Gay Man?!

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The Brown family of TLC’s Sister Wives should probably just take to filming year-round.

Like most reality stars, the Browns film just a couple months out of the year, but unlike your Kardashians, your Duggars, and your Housewives, the Browns generate more drama than can be crammed into a single season.

The Truth About Meri From Sister Wives

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We swear this isn’t a sponsored post; the family is really just that profoundly f–ked up.

Even if you’re only familiar with the Browns from catching the occasional headline on your way through the check-out aisle (PSA: Let’s be better about focusing less on the tabloids and more on passing down the little plastic dividing stick, okay, folks?) you probably have a rough idea of how bonkers their lives are.

And yes, we mean bonkers even by the standards of other polygamous clans.

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Just last year, one of Kody Brown’s wives, Meri Brown, was catfished in a scandal that wound up bringing some of the weirder details of the family’s private lives to light.

For example, we learned that Kody only ever has s*x with Robyn Brown, which sort of seems to defeat the purpose of the whole polygamy thing.

Meri Brown photo

Anyway, apparently she wasn’t enjoying all that extra attention because sources close to the Browns say Robyn left Kody last month, which puts the pressure to generate round-the-clock drama back on Meri, who is currently delivering in spades.

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According to Radar Online, Robyn met a man while the family was vacationing in Hawaii recently.

Unfortunately, it seems she and her new dude had very ideas about the nature of their relationship:

“While they were filming the big family trip to Hawaii Meri went off to do her own thing and met this man,” says a source close to the Browns.

“She fell fast and hard for this guy. He was nice and it was easy because she really craves attention since she’s not getting it back home, but turns out he’s gay!”

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Meri Brown and Kody Brown

Yes, it appears that what Meri saw as her next affair, her potential side-piece saw as a new platonic friendship.

The insider says Meri was “calling him her boyfriend,” and had even begun planning their future together.

“She was traveling back and forth from Vegas to see him and saving her money to move out of Vegas to be with him,” says the source.

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Fortunately, he broke the news to her before things went too far.



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