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Meri Brown Abused From All Directions, What Really Happened?

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Is Meri Brown being abused on the set of Sister Wives? That’s a question that many viewers are asking after recent episodes debuted on TLC. Navigating through a divorce is always challenging for everyone involved. However, many Sister Wives fans think that Meri Brown is really getting the short end of the stick here.

Meri Brown from Sister Wives, TLC, Sourced from YouTube

Recently, one fan took to Reddit to make a case for Meri. They argue that the reality star has been severely wounded by her family members, TLC, and even fans. What exactly did they have to say? Keep reading and see if you agree.

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Redditors shine a light on the way Meri Brown has been treated

Many Sister Wives viewers agree this season has been particularly difficult to watch. Christine and Janelle are focused on finding their own happiness while Meri struggles to get even a shred of the respect she deserves. Now, one Redditor is calling the poor treatment out.

Kody Brown, Meri Brown and Robyn Brown from Sister Wives, TLC, Sourced from YouTube
Sister Wives/TLC

“This last sneak peek shows Meri has been abused by everyone,” the original Redditor shared on the platform. “Meri has literally been bullied by everyone on the show and the viewers too and I’m just so sad about it. I pray Meri gets married again and has a remainder of a happy life.”

The OP went on to detail specific instances of abuse in chronological order, starting with Janelle joining the family. Janelle was Meri’s sister-in-law before divorcing Meri’s brother to court Kody. Then Christine came into the family. She and Janelle were able to quickly conceive while Meri struggled with infertility.

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After that, the women began to butt heads and struggled to get along. Then Robyn came into the family and Meri thought she was going to have an ally in the house.

Meri Brown from Sister Wives, TLC, Sourced from YouTube
Sister Wives/TLC

“[Robyn] took advantage of that and manipulated Meri hardcore. Meri started being hated on by the fans,” the OP continued. However, Kody and Robyn became incredibly close, alienating Meri. Then the catfishing situation happened.

“Meri finds someone online, thinks it’s love, finally feels truly happy, just for it to turn out to be a catfish. Kody starts treating Meri Horribly and Leon too. That’s where Meri begins being very bullied by viewers,” the Redditor added.

Is this a “hurt people hurt people” situation?

The OP finished the post by summarizing a lot of the drama that played out onscreen this season. Kody continues stringing Meri along even though he already emotionally checked out from the marriage. Mykelti and Paedon both publicly stated that Meri abused them as children. Sister Wives fans started attacking Meri on social media over the allegations.

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“Meri isn’t perfect but she deserves much better from the wives, Kody, producers and the viewers. I hope she finds peace and fights for her equal share on CP,” the Redditor concluded.

Many other Redditors agreed and added that the situation was doomed from the start.

Meri Brown and Robyn Brown from Sister Wives, TLC, Sourced from YouTube
Sister Wives/TLC

“I’ve always wondered if Meri’s behavior is a ‘hurt people hurt people’ situation…doesn’t make it right, but I can see where she’s coming from. (Note – if there actually is abuse, I’m not talking about that and certainly would not dismiss it.)” another Reddit user added.

What do you think of Meri Brown’s behavior on Sister Wives over the years? Was she lashing out as a result of the way the family treated her? Leave your opinions in the comments.

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