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Robyn Replaced As Meri’s Best Friend Amid Property Division

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Meri Brown sits down with Kody Brown and Robyn Brown to discuss the division of the property known as Coyote Pass. Meri is not happy that the division seems to be unfair. Robyn has had no issue with advocating for Meri to stay in a loveless marriage with Kody but doesn’t defend her rights with the property.

Sister Wives fans rip 'selfish' Robyn Brown as she sobs and begs Meri to  stay in relationship with Kody in tense scene | The US Sun

Meri Brown Spoilers – Has A New Best Friend

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that Meri and Robyn have always been thick as thieves since Kody began dating Robyn. Up until recently, they have always referred to each other as best friends.

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However, It seems that something has changed over time and Meri now has a new bestie who is looking out for her and not just number one. Of course, Meri doesn’t share a husband with the new bestie either.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Robyn Replaced As Meri’s Best Friend Amid Property DivisionMeri met Jenn Sullivan when they lived in Las Vegas years ago. Meri and Jenn have been friends for about ten years. Jenn jokes that Meri hired her as a professional killer when they lived in Vegas.

In reality, that is sort of the truth since Jenn owned a pest control business. Now, Jenn helps Meri run her B&B in Parowan, UT.

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Sister Wives Spoilers – Dividing Up The Coyote Pass Property

In the trailer for the new Sister Wives episode, Meri is discussing the property division with Kody and Robyn. Christine Brown sold her interest in the property back to the family when she left and moved to Utah.

However, Kody Brown is determined to still have five lots even though he owns the property with Robyn, Meri, and Janelle.

Janelle Brown has admitted to having to fight to get her share of the property. Janelle has been after Kody to pay it off so that she could build her house and move. Janelle is told that she has four acres of the fourteen acres they purchased.

Kody and Robyn have Christine’s part and he has removed the “pond” lot from the division stating it is for the whole family.

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Sister Wives Spoilers – Kody Brown’s Math Doesn’t Add Up

Meri faces the couple this week and wonders about Kody’s division. Janelle, Meri, Christine, And Kody paid toward the property, and Robyn has no separate income.

Whoever, Meri gets two acres, and Janelle, Robyn, and Kody all get four. Meri certainly doesn’t see the fairness in this because in reality, since Kody is married to Robyn legally, they get 8 of the 14 acres and that doesn’t seem right.

Kody rationalizes that Meri has one child and he has 18 children. Meri says, “And, so I deserve to have some of the property and not just what he decides I’m worthy of.”

Meri certainly does not sound happy with this arrangement after everything she has put into this property and how many years she has been with Kody. Do you think Meri is getting a fair shake here?

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