IS JACKSON OK? Little People’s Tori Roloff share new photo of son Jackson, 6, after concerns over boy’s ‘painful looking’ legs

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LITTLE People’s Tori Roloff has shared a new photo of her son Jackson, 6, as he celebrated his sister’s birthday.

The reality star posted photos via her Instagram Story showing behind-the-scene shots of Jackson.

Little People's Tori Roloff has shared a new photo of her son Jackson, 6, as he celebrated his sister's birthday

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Jackson was featured in a full-length photo alongside his sister Lilah Ray, 3, who was celebrating her birthday.

Tori’s youngest son Josiah was also sat next to his siblings.

Jackson wore black pants with a white and blue striped polo shirt. The young star also wore odd gray socks.

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The full length photo showed off his bowed legs, which has previously sparked concern with fans.

Lilah wore a pink tulle dress with a matching hair bow, with young Josiah wore black shorts and a shirt.

The family stood in front of a bedazzled backdrop with pastel balloons.

Tori captioned the photo: “Time is just such a thief!”

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She continued: “She is the best little and big sister ever. I love these kids so much!”

Other stories posted by Tori showed Jackson and the party guests stood in front of a sparkly backdrop with balloons.

The guests seemed to enjoy a mermaid-themed party on a small kids table, where they shared cookies and cake.

Jackson stood next to his two siblings, Josiah Luke and Lilah Ray

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The fun family event came amid ongoing fan concerns about Jackson’s bowed legs.

The youngster has been sparking worry from fans for some time after undergoing a painful procedure.

Last weekend, Tori shared photos of her entire family on her Instagram Story on Saturday, leaving commenters buzzing about Jackson.

The LPBW star shared a picture of her husband Zach, 33, standing surrounded by kids Jackson, Lilah, and Josiah.

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Everyone was wearing matching soccer jerseys after the young Roloff patriarch returned home from a recent soccer-related trip.

Despite the adorable moment, many fans could only focus on one thing: Jackson’s legs.

The tot stood off to one side of his father.

His legs looked significantly bowed in the photo, which was shared on a forum dedicated to the TLC show.

Several fans worried that the curvature of his legs looked painful.

The fan who shared the snap commented: “Is there a reason why Jackson hasn’t had surgery to repair his legs, other than Tori not wanting him to have major surgery?”

“This picture breaks my heart for him,” they added.

Jackson did, however, undergo a procedure back in 2021.

The birthday celebrations were mermaid-themed

The procedure was documented on LPBW, revealing complications the youngster faced.

One commenter referenced that surgery in their reply, saying: “He’s had one surgery, I really think it’s almost pointless ’til he’s not growing so much.

“I wouldn’t keep putting a child through a horrible surgery that’s extremely painful more than absolutely necessary.”

Someone else wrote simply: “It looks painful. Poor kid.”

“Poor thing,” a third fan wrote. “I hope it’s better as he grows.”

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