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‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown Officially Ends Marriage To Kody

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Sister Wives stars Meri and Kody Brown reached a dead end in the final episode of Season 18. The two have been struggling for years. The patriarch has also admitted that there’s no chance for them to get back to what they used to be. The former first wife hoped for so long that he might take back his words and love her back. Fortunately, she finally found the answers in what may be her final face-to-face conversation with Kody and Robyn. Keep reading to see how the 52-year-old stepped away.

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Sister Wives: Meri Brown No Longer Renewing Her Lease

During Sunday’s episode, Meri, Kody, and Robyn had a discussion regarding the future of the family. The California native asked if she could “drop a bomb,” which revolves around her frustration with her ex-husband. According to the Sister Wives star, she may no longer renew her lease in Flagstaff. She also mentioned planning to spend most of her time in Utah.

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She said that her decision ties in with all the things that have happened in the family, including all of Kody’s negative statements about her this year. The father of 18 previously stated that he no longer wants to have a romantic relationship with Meri. But instead of coming up with solutions, the two argued even more, making their separation a lot more heartbreaking.

Meri & Kody’s Final Arguments

Meri’s final moments with her ex-husband turned into a heated exchange. According to Kody, he feels like she’s starting to make it all about him. “Why can’t we get on the page where we’re making about where we are instead about what I say?” he added. The Sister Wives star also said that she should learn to start accepting things, no matter how hard they are. But Meri Brown fired back and called him out for not owning his own mistakes. “I don’t like that he’s putting all this on me, and he’s also not owning that,” she told the producers.

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Sister Wives: Kody Brown Doesn’t Want To Listen To Robyn

Aside from Meri, Kody also shared his issues with Robyn. According to the Sister Wives star, his only remaining wife has been pressing him to work things out with Meri. He also added that she’s doing it in a way against his wishes.

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Kody Brown revealed that he wanted to be in a place where he could love Meri the way she wanted to be loved. But it seems he’s struggling with giving it to her after all the things that have happened to them. She even stated that he abandoned her emotionally years ago, before the catfishing scandal.

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