Sister Wives

Sister Wives: Meri Slams Kody & Robyn STEALING Coyote Pass Shares

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Kody and Robyn Brown have proved to be the ultimate villains of Sister Wives Season 18. Fans accused the pair of ruining the other wives’ lives because of their own selfish needs. Fans of the series have witnessed the drama between Kody, Janelle, and Christine for the past few seasons.

Sister Wives

Now, Meri has stood up to fight for her rights and self-respect. TLC viewers know how much the mother-of-one struggled to stay in the family. Well, she started seeing the reality after Kody claimed that he didn’t feel married to her anymore.

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Now, the reality TV star is ready to call out her soon-to-be ex and his only remaining wife for cheating other wives. Meri slammed Kody and Robyn for dividing the Coyote Pass property unevenly among the family.

Sister Wives: Meri Finally Had Enough Of Kody & Robyn’s Cleverness!

Meri Brown waited for years to win her husband’s love again. However, Kody always prioritized his fourth wife, Robyn Brown. She always felt like a third wheel between the couple. Yet, Meri and Robyn always shared a good bond and supported each other.

Recently, TLC shared a new sneak peek from Sister Wives in which the trio sat down to discuss the distribution of the Coyote Pass property. Fans of the series must be aware that the family often chats about building their dream home on the land. In the clip, Kody revealed that Christine transferred her share of the property to him and Robyn.

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Hence, Robyn and Kody now own a total of 8 acres of land, including 4 for Robyn and 4 of his share. Further, the patriarch claimed that Janelle has got 4 acres, leaving Meri with only 2 acres of the property. Kody kept a share of himself apart from his four wives. He stated, “Because of things that have gone on in the family, I’m not going to give the lot to any wife.”

However, Meri wanted to set the record straight with Kody and Robyn. She felt that the patriarch had already made his decision. However, the 90 Day Fiance star claimed that she was still a part of the family regardless of not having a good relationship with Kody for the past 8 or 10 years.

She stated, “I deserve to have some of the property and not just what he decides I’m worthy of.” She found it weird to see that she only got 2 while Janelle got 4 acres of land.

Sister Wives: Fans Label Robyn As “Selfish” Over Stopping Meri From Going Away!

The new season of the Sister Wives series has taken a very emotional turn. In a recent teaser, Meri told her plural husband that she knew that he didn’t feel married to her. Robyn interrupted her and said that’s not true. Kody stated, “If I’m ever not in love with you, I won’t just sit there and be in a pathetic place with you.” However, Meri stated that nothing could change what their relationship was for the past couple of years.

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But Robyn wasn’t ready to stay and be lonely again like she had been for years. Fans called out Robyn for pressurizing Kody’s first wife to stay in the marriage. They called her selfish for stopping Meri for her own good.

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