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Robyn Brown Gets Nasty About Christine In Tell-All Preview

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Robyn Brown gets really nasty about Christine Brown in the upcoming Sister Wives tell-all. This will be four parts and a lot is about to come out. So, what exactly is Robyn saying about her former sister wife? Read on for more details on the situation.

Robyn, Christine Brown/YouTube

Robyn Brown Gets Nasty About Christine In Tell-All Preview

When Christine Brown decided to leave the plural family in early 2021, Robyn Brown took it to heart. She felt betrayed like all of her dreams had come crashing down. More so, she tried to understand when all of the problems between Kody Brown and Christine happened. Yet, she had an inkling of when it began but she believed that they could have worked it out. It did not help that Christine became really close to second wife, Janelle Brown. She soon started to contemplate exiting the marriage, as well, and in the season 18 finale, first wife, Meri Brown left.

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Sister Wives/YouTube
Janelle, Robyn, Christine, Meri-YouTube

Coming up next is the highly-anticipated tell-all where each wife and Kody will sit down one-on-one with Sukanya Krishnan. It will be highly filled with emotions and Robyn has no problem sharing how she feels because she has taken all of this to heart. According to Monsters & Critics, a lot happens in this tell-all, which is more than evident in the preview. Kody takes a jab at Janelle, Christine’s now-husband pops in, and Robyn has to clarify something. After she discusses all of the ick that went down during the year, she makes a point of saying that she was not being dramatic.

Robyn Brown/YouTube
Robyn Brown-YouTube

Then, Robyn Brown has to add: “Thank you, Christine.” This is insinuating that Christine constantly referred to her and her actions as overly dramatic. Christine, of course, has to have her moment by saying she will be nice then backtracks and says she won’t. This whole season, and seasons prior, fans have been commenting on Robyn’s dramatics so it is not just Christine.


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The Last Stand

Christine Brown made a decision that caused a domino effect. It made the other wives start to reevaluate their part in the family. Janelle Brown stood up for herself and Meri Brown finally got wise to the fact that she had no place with Kody. Somehow, Robyn Brown still made it about herself but the family has now broken down. In a strange way, Robyn is still mourning the wives and the porch swings. More so, she still has a sliver of hope that could happen. Would she want Christine there? That seems debatable.

Do you think that Robyn is dramatic? Or, is she just taking a jab at Christine because she knows she found her happiness?

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