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Meri Brown Finally Launches New Carriage House Business, Details

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Meri Brown has finally launched her new Carriage House business at the B&B in Parowan, Utah. The Sister Wives star has shown the concept and what her plans are. Now, it seems that it will be up and running but there is only one way to see the outcome. Read on for more details.

Meri Brown/YouTube

Meri Brown Finally Launches New Carriage House Business, Details

After going back and forth between Utah and Flagstaff, Meri Brown finally decided to take a big leap. She moved her clothing business to her B&B in Parowan. It also made sense for her to spend more time there as her best friend, Jenn has been managing Lizzie’s Heritage Inn for her. This has gone on since Meri’s mother, Bonnie passed away. They met in Las Vegas and have been close ever since. Even Jenn’s husband has been an asset in helping out. When Meri decided to relocate everything to the B&B, she asked her friend, Blair to redesign the Carriage House at the inn.

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Meri Brown, Jenn/IG
Jenn, Meri-Instagram

He had ideas as did Meri and Jenn, who wanted glitter. Now, it appears that the Carriage House will officially be open for business. According to a Reddit thread, Jenn and Meri were doing their Fridays with Friends on Instagram. There, they explained that they do not usually open anything involving the B&B to the public. However, because of the holidays, they will have the “gift shop,” as they are calling it, open. Unfortunately, Meri cannot show what the finished product looks like just yet due to the series.

Lizzie's Heritage Inn-Facebook
Lizzie’s Heritage Inn-Facebook

Yet, Jenn did share that she got the glitter counter that she wanted. So, fans of the show passing through can stop and see what Meri Brown did and support her new single life. What did fellow Redditors have to say about the Carriage House being open for business?

  • I wonder if Kody and Robyn have tried to strong arm Meri into selling all the surplus MSWC crap?
  • I have always wondered that too. Meri has been selling merch for a long time and NEVER shilled MSWC stuff right? Not even years ago when things weren’t so openly bad.

Sneak Peek

Now, apparently Meri Brown has shown the interior of the Carriage House and Jenn was just playing around. This would be an incentive to get people to come by without paying the insane 6K retreat prices. As for selling Sister Wives merchandise, Redditors made a very good point:

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  • She only merches Lizzie’s since it is her domain outright. If she merched SW she would have to give Grody and Eyebrows a cut.

It has been pointed out that Meri did stick around in the plural marriage longer than she should have in order to keep collecting the TLC paycheck. Plus, it helped keep the show on the air.

Would you go see the new Carriage House setup or are you going to wait for it to be unveiled on television? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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