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Meri and Kody end their marriage after 7 ‘wasted’ years

Meri Brown said it was "important" for Robyn Brown to hear the breakup conversation.

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The “Sister Wives” Season 18 finale ends with a breakup.

After years of hoping that her marriage to Kody Brown would improve despite his indifference, Meri Brown — the reality star’s wife — makes it clear that she’s ready to move on.

Sister Wives”: Kody Felt 'Duty-Bound' to 'Fake Being in Love' with Meri and  Admits They 'Wasted' 7 Years

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Meri and Kody Brown announced their separation in January 2023, but it plays out in the November 2023 episode.

The estranged couple gets together with Robyn Brown, Kody Brown’s fourth wife, during the episode and Meri Brown reveals that she likely won’t be renewing her lease in Arizona. She explains that she wants to spend more time at her late mother’s bed and breakfast and has come to the realization that she and Kody Brown aren’t going to reconcile.

“Things that you’ve said to me and about me this year, it changes things,” she says to Kody Brown.

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In a confessional, Meri Brown says she and her husband had a conversation a few days ago about the status of their marriage “and that it really was not going to move forward.”

“But the thing is, every conversation that he and I have had about it has been private, has just been between me and him. And he actually has said that he did not want it to be public,” she says. “And I don’t think that’s fair because I think it’s important that it’s public and I think it’s important that Robyn hears it.”

Meri Brown / Kody Brown
Meri and Kody Brown.TLC

In his own confessional, Kody Brown shares his perspective on their prior conversation.

“I (was) like, ‘Meri, romance for you and I is not in this picture.’ (I) felt like we had decided that we’re just going to have to go on being friends because we’re not going to be in a marriage,” he says.

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Back in their meeting with Robyn Brown, Kody Brown reiterates his stance on his relationship with Meri Brown, despite Robyn Brown’s attempts to encourage the couple to mend fences.

“You want something that we can’t have together (marriage), and we can always have something else, but not that,” Kody Brown says to Meri Brown.

At this point, Robyn Brown begins to cry and walks away to collect her thoughts.

While alone, Meri and Kody Brown continue to discuss the dissolution of their marriage.

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“I sit here feeling like it’s ridiculous to stay in a duty-bound marriage,” the father of 18 says.

His estranged wife agrees and says, “I don’t think it’s fair to either of us.”

When Robyn Brown returns, she attempts to encourage the couple to reconcile. However, Meri Brown makes it clear that she can’t go on staying in a loveless marriage.

“I’m not going to force somebody to be with me who doesn’t want to be with me. I’m not going to make somebody act how they don’t want to act,” she says.

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In a confessional, Kody Brown says he’s open to keeping his marriage with Meri Brown the way it is if necessary.

“I am willing to fake being in love with Meri, doing my duties as a husband, sort of putting up with things that frustrate me so deeply that I struggle to be around her if I need to, for the sake of whatever. I don’t know. I can fake through this. I don’t want to. But if you’re going to insist, then we will. And she’s like, ‘I don’t want that,'” he says.

In her own confessional, Meri Brown questions why Kody Brown would want to continue like they have been over the last several years.

“Why is he saying that he’s willing to keep acting when he clearly hasn’t been for eight or 10 years? And also I wouldn’t want him to do that. I’ve wanted to heal our relationship and even create a new relationship, but I’ve never insisted on it,” she says.

Back in their meeting, Robyn Brown struggles with the reality that Kody and Meri Brown’s marriage is over.

“I was hanging on with you,” Robyn Brown says.

“And I think now you need to let go. It’s not fair to either of us. It’s not fair for me to be alone like I have been for years. And it’s not fair for him to feel like he has to do a duty,” Meri Brown says.

“This isn’t what I want,” Robyn Brown replies.

“It’s not what I want either, Robyn,” Meri Brown says.

“It’s not what I wanted either,” Kody Brown says.

In a confessional, Kody Brown reflects on the challenging conversation.

“This is goodbye. It was a negotiation that was long overdue. I mean, it’s been maybe a wasted seven years for Meri. I have no idea. But we’ve agreed now and I hope she finds peace because I will,” he says.

The saga will continue in the first “Sister Wives: One on One” special, to air on Nov. 26.

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