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‘Sister Wives’ Tell-All: Kody Brown Says He Never Loved 2 Wives, Who Are They?

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On Sunday, November 19, Sister Wives fans watched the finale episode of Season 18 and Meri Brown announced her marriage to Kody Brown was over. However, the TLC show is not over yet. Next week, TLC’s Tell-All one-on-one episodes begin. Kody Brown will tell Sukanya Krishnan, that he never loved two wives, and he also slammed his former second wife, Janelle Brown.

Kody Brown- TLC

 Kody Brown Gets Softballs From Sukanya In Sister Wives  Tell-Alls

TLC fans are not happy that Sukanya Krishnan returns for the one-on-ones. In fact, they believe that she doesn’t push hard enough to get answers from Kody and Robyn. In fact, the Sister Wives patriarch even got aggressive with the host last season when she asked about him having a favorite wife. So, she backed off.

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TLC Fans who watched the last episode of Season 18 of Sister Wives saw that Meri Brown gave Robyn Brown the side-eye when she started claiming the marriage could be saved. Kody Brown is definitely done with her and finally, Meri discovered what fans had known for years. Actually, it’s not clear that they had a marriage since the day Robyn walked in the front door. But Kody did seem to love her once upon a time.


Kody Brown Doesn’t Want To Talk To Janelle Again

Kody gets a lot of hate from so many Sister Wives fans. probably because he hurt his wives so badly. This week, People Magazine reported that after the finale episode, a short teaser for the one-on-one Tell-All dropped. In it, Kody Brown talked about Janelle Brown, and it seems that people who predicted reunification can put that idea to bed. The outlet cited him as saying:

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I was thinking to myself, I don’t ever want to talk to Janelle again.

Of course, Robyn Brown had to chip in as she’s still hanging onto that big happy family thing she’s got. Hoping that her husband will try and reconcile with Janelle, she said, “You have six kids, that’s worth fighting for.”

Kody Brown Claims He Never Loved Two Wives?

Sukanya might have some trouble keeping up with the TLC star after Season 18. In the Tell-All, she going to have to try and remember all the contradictory things he said about his wives. This time, without naming them, Kody Brown talked about two wives that he never loved. It came when Janelle and Christine spoke about him taking some accountability.

In the explosive preview Kody said “they’re trash talking me because I’m guilty of not loving them”. What two wives did he never love? Bets are on Christine & Meri because he has actually told them both those words. He is mad at Janelle but always had a deep love for her, there’s no denying it. Kody is deeply hurt by Janelle because of the special connection he had with her.

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Sister Wives - Janelle, Meri, Robyn, Christine Brown - TLC Instagram
Sister Wives – Janelle, Meri, Robyn, Christine Brown – TLC Instagram

What do you think about Kody Brown claiming that he never wants to speak to Janelle Brown ever again? Which two wives did he mean when he spoke about not loving two of them? Is it Meri, Christine, or Janelle because they have all started thinking for themselves and Robyn is the ‘obedient wife”? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and come back here for all your Sister Wives news

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