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Real Reason Kody & Robyn Brown Tricked Meri Into Divorce?

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Sister Wives Season 18 brought out tons of explosive scenes in the finale. The season ended with Kody being left with only one wife, Robyn, who’s often dubbed his favorite wife. Many are also saddened by Meri’s final scenes with the patriarch, as he doesn’t seem to care about her feelings anymore.

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Meanwhile, some fans on Reddit speculate that Kody and Robyn manipulated the first wife into divorce for one big reason, which came to fruition in the finale. Keep reading to see what the viewers have to say about the married couple’s suspicious plan.

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Sister Wives: Kody Brown Slammed By His Wives For Unequal Property Shares

The season finale featured how Kody and his wives divided Coyote Pass. However, Janelle and Meri quickly noticed their unequal shares, especially for the California native. “This is just weird to me that you two get eight together, four and four, Janelle gets four and I get two,” she said. The Sister Wives star also believes she deserves more and not just what her ex-husband decides.

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But Kody insisted that the land Christine gave up in exchange for money was now his own. Many were upset about the unequal split. Janelle even mentioned in her confessional that she had already brought up the topic with her ex many times, which is why she was surprised at how uneven it was.

Fans Believe Kody & Robyn Manipulated Meri Into Divorce

Some Sister Wives fans on Reddit discuss how horrible Meri’s divorce with Kody was. According to the poster, she was divorced for Robyn’s benefit. Now, she has no legal claims for not being his official wife, and she’s getting screwed out by her ex-husband. Some think Meri and the other wives can sue Kody for not splitting the property equally.

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Kody Meri Janelle Christine Robyn Instagram
Photo Credit: @christine_brownsw Instagram
  • “Since her name is on some of the land she does have recourse. Kody can’t redivide the land without her approval,” one person said.
  • “Meri can sue him. It was a financial agreement that she paid her fair share into. It doesn’t matter that she isn’t his wife,” another commenter added.
  • “I would be hiring a lawyer so fast it would make your head spin. There were agreements made,” one Reddit user said.

However, some doubt that the ex-wives would do anything about it. There are also others who believe that Robyn has been controlling Kody, and both of them are truly con artists.

Sister Wives: Did Kody & Robyn Make Meri Feel Guilty?

It’s also notable how Meri adjusted for the sake of Robyn’s kids. In order for Kody to adopt them, he had to legally marry his fourth wife first. Due to this, the first wife stepped down. Some Sister Wives fans also believe that it was a big red flag.

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Meri Brown’s life has never been the same since. She even revealed in the latest season that Kody hadn’t treated her like a wife even before her catfishing scandal in 2015.

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