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Sister Wives’ Christine Offends Robyn

Christine Brown makes Robyn Brown ugly cry.

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Part 3 of the Sister Wives‘ Tell-All finds Christine Brown’s response to one of host Sukanya Krishnan’s questions, sending Robyn Brown into another fit of ugly crying. Robyn seems to take offense to how Christine describes her, and how she responds seemingly proves Christine’s point.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Robyn Brown

Robyn Brown Ugly Cries After Sister Wives’ Co-Star Christine Brown Calls Her Dramatic

TLC viewers know by now that it does not take much to send Kody Brown’s current and only wife, Robyn Brown, into a fit of tears. So when Sukanya asks Christine Brown why she no longer considers herself friends with Robyn Brown, she responds honestly.

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Christine of Sister Wives says that Robyn has the type of personality that loves drama, and if you have watched the series long enough, you will likely agree. Christine says she is over all the drama. She has no room for it in her life. So, putting it as politely as possible, Christine admits she no longer desires or needs to be friends with Robyn.

Robyn Brown is a highly emotional person. She is unhappy with the state of the Sister Wives‘ family relationships. When Sukanya called Meri Brown, her ex-sister wife, it was too much for Robyn. She broke down in tears again, asking the Tell-All host not to call her that. During her ugly crying fit, she says it is not her just being dramatic and calls out Christine Brown for saying so.

Fans Tired of Robyn’s Constant Crying

Sister Wives fans claim they are tired of Robyn Brown’s constant blubbering on the show. It doesn’t matter what is going on, good or bad. She cries. Many also believe that Robyn’s tears are being faked for dramatic effect.

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The viewers also agree with Christine Brown. They think Robyn thrives on drama and chaos to keep her life with Sister Wives’ husband, Kody Brown, more interesting. Without all of the past marital drama, Robyn could find life as Kody’s solo wife dull and uninteresting.

Some fans also believe that since Janelle, Meri, and Christine Brown are no longer co-wives, Robyn Brown could soon be looking for an emergency exit out of her marriage to Kody. They think Robyn will either leave Kody or push him to add a couple of new Sister Wives. Either way, it would certainly add more of that drama that Robyn seems to love. It should be interesting to see if Christine is right and what Robyn decides to do next.

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