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Sister Wives describe massive drama between all their children: ‘It was just crazy’

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The adult stars of Sister wives gave new insights into the power struggles between their many, many children in the new One on One special on Sunday.

Last season, viewers heard how a family text chain wanted to organize the exchange of Christmas presents Kody Brown 18 children exploded in their faces, while patriarch Kody repeatedly accuses him of favoring wife Robyn and their children more than the others.

“What happened was I was told the kids hated me,” Robyn said in Sunday’s new lesson, saying she was told that by “a person” whose name she knew not long before the one in question would call a text chain. “I was told that the children hated me and my children,” she added.

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“I made a real effort to get us on a video call for the benefit of the young children because this gift exchange is a really memorable experience for some of the children,” she continued. “And my little kids don’t remember who their siblings are, they don’t know their names, they don’t remember who goes with what name, and when I started getting pushback, I was like, ‘Why am I trying.’ it here?’”

Janelle claimed that during the text message back and forth, Robyn accused the kids of treating her “so badly” before throwing her hands up at the situation. Janelle then said that Robyn’s children “started pouring in,” echoing her mother’s sentiments that they had been treated “so terribly” and saying they would “never want to have a family of their own because it was such a horrible experience.” was”.

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“It just turned around, it was just crazy,” she added.

As the text exchange got further out of hand, Robyn said that Kody’s other children then “started making fun of” and “rejecting” her own, which made her children feel “very ally” and so bad, that they “no longer felt emotionally safe” as part of this gift exchange.”

Although Christine said there had been no “rift between Robyn and her children” until this incident, she admitted that “some siblings get along better than others” and that they have been through “some tough things” in the past. That being said, she felt that up until that point they had made a “very effort” to include both Robyn and her children in “everything.”

However, Robyn called bullshit, claiming she had gone to both Janelle and Christine in the past because their children “were hard on one of my children.” She said some of the other children “told them that they were not the family and were not part of it,” something they had apparently felt for a very long time.

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Meri understood some of Robyn’s complaints and admitted that they all could have done a better job integrating their families.

“I think some people felt like it was forced on them, like they didn’t have an opinion. We’re just going to get married and we’re just going to have this family, we’re going to have these kids and everyone just has to deal with it,” she said.

Janelle agreed, saying they haven’t necessarily “taken the time to listen to our own children” as their plural marriage grew.

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“We really rushed and put it together without taking everyone’s temperature. They were told to sit down and shut up and accept that this family is being reunited and I think maybe we should have taken some time,” she added.

Of course, the rift in this family isn’t just between the kids, as Kody’s wives have all felt, especially in recent years, that he was prioritizing his relationship with Robyn over the rest of them. After the Covid restrictions imposed by Kody further fragmented the family, One to one Host Sukanya Krishnan wondered if the women ever felt like they were bullying Kody’s #1.

“No, I will not do that. And that’s when things started to get really weird. It’s almost like that [Kody felt] “I have a woman’s role model, so if you had any disagreement or had a different opinion, even if you expressed it respectfully, you weren’t safe,” Janelle said. “That was you.” A bully. As a wife, I should be able to tell Kody that I have a problem here. I couldn’t say anything against Robyn. It was forbidden to say anything about Robyn.


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Kody insisted he was “fair with my time” and accused his children and his other wives of making Robyn the scapegoat in their family feud. He felt like she was always “blamed for things I did or didn’t get done,” adding that it got so bad that he “got to the point where I would complain, if you were to complain about her.” Be like, “Shut up, I’m going to punch you in the mouth.” Kody also said that he was “bored” of the other women’s “complaints” because “I was really clear “That she was just doing her best to adapt to our family structure.”

Christine admitted that some of her conversations with Robyn may have been a bit “aggressive,” adding that she doesn’t trust her and “won’t have a relationship” with her since she’s no longer married to Kody.

“I won’t be her friend because I don’t believe her, but I won’t blame her for everything falling apart,” she added. “I think we probably all had something to do with it.”

She also said that she wasn’t really ready to fix the dynamic between her, Robyn and Kody either, accusing them of making “outlandish” comments. While she’s “always” busy sorting things out with the kids, she just didn’t “feel like” getting to work with her ex and his remaining wife. “I don’t want to right now, just to be honest and honest,” she added.

Robyn, for her part, broke down in tears when Krishnan referred to Meri as her ex-sisters and told the host to never refer to the other women as ex-wives. “She’s my sister’s wife, Janelle and Christine too,” she said, sobbing, before adding that she just didn’t know “how to let this go.”

“Sister Wives” airs Sundays on TLC.

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